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  • 2014 Lobby Day

    2014 Lobby Day

    This year it seemed as though I was better prepared for the 2014 ACS CAN Leadership Summit & Lobby Day. ¬†Over 600 volunteers from districts and states attended more this year than ever before. ¬†Leading up to Lobby Day I had the opportunity to share my story and what I’d hoped to accomplish while in […]

  • Making Life Easier for Moms

    Being a mother is one of the most rewarding and most difficult jobs there is. So imagine being a mom who is also battling cancer. When I was 29 and diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer, my first thoughts were how am I going to get through this and reassure my kids I would get […]

  • Lights of Hope now in full swing

    I need your help in doing something really big by August 2014. My goal is have to 15 luminaries sold and decorated in honor of your loved ones or your friends loved ones. Loved ones who have been diagnosed with cancer or lost their lives due to cancer. Every year at the Relay races and […]