Why the long break?

Leadership Summit and Lobby Day 2013
Lillian V. (left), Latina & Mary Helen (center) Sheila Jackson Lee Staff (right). September 2013.

Sometimes life happens and at some point you feel guilty and you try get back on track.  Since 2014, I’ve contributed still to volunteering with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACSCAN).  As I look back the one memory that I have of  someone, sweet Lillian Villarreal was an amazing woman who fought till the end of her life. The pain and anger has held me back from sharing so much.  She’s no longer with us God has called her home to be our Angel from heaven.  It was hard for all us but, we knew what could happen and what was going to happen.  Once the C-word comes around it most likely finds a way back again and again until it steals a life away from us.

The pain keeps you awake at night, worrying about your loved ones, and facing your own fear inside yourself of what if I’m next to be diagnosed a second time.  Emotions are high and anger is real, but you don’t give up. I won’t give up.  I here to fight another day.  At some point enough is enough and we need a cure and most of all need support from lawmakers to keep cancer priorities number one and not cut funding and programs which takes us too many steps backwards.

Breast Cancer Screenings

While on active duty, most women with no family history or prior history of breast cancer will only receive a breast exam from their primary care provider. In between annual physical appointments its vital to listen to your body and perform self-breast exams monthly before and after your period to notice changes, if any.

Most women are busy with the day-to-day operations of completing the mission, standing duty, and being a wife and mom that we tend to forget about the well being of ourselves. Be your own best advocate when it comes to your healthcare.
After the military don’t be afraid of not knowing where to get care right away. Female veterans can receive breast cancer screenings at your local VA. Most VA Hospitals have a Women’s Health Clinic that provides services. Ask for the Manager of Women Veterans Program.


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