Lights of Hope now in full swing




I need your help in doing something really big by August 2014. My goal is have to 15 luminaries sold and decorated in honor of your loved ones or your friends loved ones. Loved ones who have been diagnosed with cancer or lost their lives due to cancer.

Every year at the Relay races and Lobby Day in Washington DC these decorated luminaries with pictures and favorite moments decorated by you are put on display. Last year I was able to witness in Washington DC the long line of people who have been affected by cancer. It was emotional and you could definitely feel their spirits with us. No one ever wants to be told you have cancer or see someone whom you love be taken away by it. The money raised goes toward cancer research with the American Cancer Society.

I’ve been a volunteer with the American Cancer Society for a year now and I love doing what I do sharing my story and helping in the fight against cancer.

​When you go online to donate make sure you mention my name “Latina Starling” as the person who asked you to purchase a lights of hope.​ Please share this post with your co-workers, family, and friends, thank you for reading.

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